Based on the banks of the Swakop River in the Namib desert, Farm Shalom is both a commercial outfit and an experimental operation, where we test models for sustainable agriculture in arid climates.

Our Technology

Climate change, infertile soil and saline ground water compromise the efectivesess of traditional farming methods. We use modern green house technology as well as drip irrigation and media cultivation that allow  a more efficient use of limited water and nutrient resources. Therefore our high-tech agriculture methods help us go beyond the limitations of climate. 

Our Products

Using the available resources in the most efficient way, we are able to commercially produce six tonnes of tomatoes, three tonnes of peppers and 10,000 cucumbers per greenhouse per season. Moreover we grow roses, gerberas and our famous olives. We also produce a fine quality olive oil which is sold throughout the region.

Our Vision - Grow with Shalom!

Namibia is the driest sub-Saharan country, most severely affected by climate change resulting in rising temperatures, rainfall variability and increased droughts. Namibia has a maximum of 30% cultivatable land as most of the country’s soil is unsuitable for open field crop cultivation because of its limited fertility. This is due to a lack of organic matter in the soil, sandy surface textures and calcareous, rocky ground material that severely limit crop production.

Moreover, only a third of the country’s groundwater is suitable for crop cultivation. In areas where saline water with excess of non-beneficial minerals like calcium, lead, chlorine and sodium is found, water resources are extremely limited.

Our Vision - Sustainability


Therefore climate-adapted cultivation methods like greenhouses and precision agriculture are needed to sustainably use the given resources. This way we are not only able to overcome the challenges of soil and limited water resources but also help attain food security in the country for coming generations.

Our Vision - Education

Growing in the harsh conditions of the desert is a constant learning process. We are continuously improving our production process and methods according to the experiences we are making every day. In order to enable as many people as possible to learn from our experiences we are working closely together with other farmers as well as educational programmes.

Farm Shalom is AvaGro's flagship project. To find out more about AvaGro's services, please visit

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